Reidell Chemicals Ltd.

Urine Erase® and U-T®

Testimonial #2 

Geraldine A. Accetta
446 West Willow Court
Fox Point, Wisconsin 53217-2654
March 11, 1998

Mr. Glenn Reid
C/o Reidell Chemicals Limited
Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, N0L 1G4

 Dear Mr. Reid:

 Just a short note to tell you that I know you have the best product on the market to remove urine stains on carpets. I have tried at least 20 other products with absolutely no results. URINE-ERASE has removed the spot on every stain I have tried it on – old and new. To date I have purchased over twenty bottles from R.C. Steele and I have now contacted them to try to obtain the product in a larger container.

 My problems all started when we moved into our new Condo. Jackpot, who was fully trained in our previous home, decided it was much easier to pee on our new carpet. She wanted me to send you her picture – which is enclosed- so you could see how cute she is - which is why I have put up with this behavior.

 Urine-Erase even picks up the stain from vomit – much to my surprise. I was never able to remove the yellow stain after she got sick – until now.  I hope R.C. Steel will be able to accommodate my special order for a larger container of Urine-Erase.  They should put the larger size in their catalogue.

 Before finding Urine-Erase I was seriously thinking of replacing my carpeting.  Now I don’t think that will be necessary.

 I will be telling our Vet, Groomer and my friends who have pets about your product – I will never be without it.

 If you ever decide to advertise, Jackpot wants to be in the commercial.


Gerry Accetta
Jackpot’s Mom

CC:         R.C. Steele
1989 Transit Way,  Box 910
Brockport, New York 14420-0910

Pet Goods
7565 Industrial Court
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004
Attention: Mike Sakoutis