Reidell Chemicals Ltd.

Urine Erase® and U-T®

Distributor Information 

Urine-Erase® has been Manufactured by Reidell Chemicals Limited since 1978. Please contact: Bob Reid, bob or Glenn Reid under Availability for new distributors. The "Instructions" enclosed with each product have had most consumer questions added and recorded for everyone's benefit since 1978 and in every respect this is a complete expertise product for repeat customers since 1978. Only the 475mL is sold under 30 day money back guarantee to prove our product works as stated, as there is no money back guarantee on identical product Consumer BULK money saving sizes for obvious reasons.

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This 8 1/2" x 11" is also packed in each case of 12 of 475mL to be used: by the dealer or supplied in quantity with product shipments by manufacturer for distributor, printed as a distributor mailer to go with everyday shipments.