Reidell Chemicals Ltd.

Urine Erase® and U-T®

About Us

Founded in 1977 by Glenn Reid and based on technology developed by a nuclear physicist, Reidell Chemicals Limited has grown to be a world leader in Urine stain and odor removal through its flagship product - Urine-Erase® .

For 15 years, Reidell successfully developed and produced over 30 specialty chemical products including Urine-Erase®. In 1992, based on the incredible consumer acceptance of Urine-Erase® Reidell sold rights to its other products and concentrated full time on the Urine odor and stain removal market.

What makes Urine-Erase® unique? For over 28 years, it is the only product on the market that guarantees to completely remove all urine stains and odors including 30 year old set stains. No other product can make this claim. Urine-Erase® and its companion product U-T© use a 2-step process to completely and permanently remove all traces of Urine stains and odors, regardless of age.


Mission Statement:

Knowledge Is Key:
To Any Business: ours too.
Our Customer is our most important asset.

We strive to make the best and safest products possible for animals, humans and the environment within the urine stain odor removal industry, meeting "all 6 defined needs" with honesty and integrity for everything we as a company do.

Reidell Chemicals Limited welcomes all competitors, and suggests that dealers need to just be aware of the shortcomings of single step products that do not address "all 6 urine problems" and that dealers be in a position to not "lose their customer unbeknown to them" through their lack of knowledge in not "offering an all 6 problem alternative" to guarantee the dealer a 100% satisfied customer.