Reidell Chemicals Ltd.

Urine Erase and U-T

Testimonial #1 

Received 07/02/2000

Dear Pamela F. Stenger: Would you give us permission to use this e-mail for advertising purposes to all distributors and dealers in the U.S.A. and Canada? Thank you for allowing us to show it to our U.S. Importer.

Yours sincerely, Glenn Reid

Dear Glenn, permission absolutely granted.  You may distribute at will.


Pam Stenger

I believe I have tried every product on the market to remove urine stained areas from my white carpet, in my new house over the past 18 months.  That's no exaggeration; from every product  PetSmart sells in it's stores to every product in the Grocery Store to Oxyclean, I've spent hundreds and hundreds.

We're were just getting ready to replace the carpeting with wood floors, a not inexpensive undertaking, when I stumbled across your product on the PetSmart website.  My husband laughs at  me for continually trying to get these areas clean, but I can tell you he's not laughing anymore.  I can say I was honestly shocked down to my toes when I saw your product worked.  It's a rarity these  days, even with a money back guarantee, that a product actually does what it says.

I still have not found your product on the shelves at PetSmart, nor on my grocer's shelves.  I can tell you, people who have this little problem would be no more embarrassed to buy Urine Erase from  the grocery store than any other personal product.  You need to get this out here - I'm telling everyone I know.

Again, and sincerly, thanks very much.  Salute!

Pam Stenger

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