Urine-Erase® Works Even…When All Else Fails... Now 25%+ more
Enzyme cleaning POWER per Kit
than the first 29 years
increasing bottle packaging sizes

6 in 1® SYSTEM Sold By Veterinarians for 32+ Years
Now a Black-light Urine FINDER Cap Option too…

Also Available:
Urine Finder in Cap…
Modern Forensics
Show What Naked Eyes
Can’t See…
32 YEARS Proven
6 in 1® SYSTEM
Reidell Chemicals Limited
Different for 2 reasons: pursuit of perfection Urine-Erase® is a simple 2 steps (NOT one) To “assure” best results.
#1. ”Fresh” enzyme
Why do some products work one time and not always the next?
A chemical enzyme fact. (NO HIDDEN type drug expiry date…)
Enzymes over time lose potency when mixed into solution
    and then bottled as they continue to age before use.
Urine-Erase® #1 step:
Starts to work 100% full power in 15 minutes when YOU Add Water
#2.   to help remove the “peripheral ring”
Powerful, oxidizer final concentrated solution.
Works...Even When All Else Fails…for 2 reasons
(Read e-mail from Pam Stenger @ KPMG to G. Reid to distribute at will other side)
4 kit package sizes:
  1. Standard 475ml. Kit
    UPC 0 67369 11111
  2. Standard & Finder
    UPC 0 67369 66666
  3. 4 Liter (8 Kit bulk)
    UPC 0 67369 44444
  4. 10 Liter (20 Kit bulk)
    UPC 0 67369 55555
Product HISTORY, all in the beginning, by a nuclear physicist with urine pet stained white carpets, prompted by his dedicated wife’s persistence, to win her cleaning battle with professionals, until her prompting forced him to invention.
Many of the chemical reference books stated that enzymes when put into solution have a limited shelf life. He decided to follow this direction to a “T” in pursuit of perfection.

The customer WANTS a single step product “a fact”, but he decided it was more important to do it right and follow chemical enzyme reference books “after nothing else worked completely. We ask the consumer to add water for proven success. He also found that a final rinse solution was ALSO necessary to remove the “peripheral ring” to do it right and he invented our #2 final oxidizer concentrate solution without enzymes in it purposely keeping them separate.

Urine-Erase® over 32 years WORKS even when other systems fail, provided you apply as much as the original urine deposit on any porous surface not harmed by water. Competitors have ALWAYS said they do not worry about their shelf life enzyme in solution problems (like a drug expiry date) as we continue our course, continually getting these type of letters for over 32+ years. Urine-Erase® for proven perfection.
Glenn Reid, CEO, Urine-Erase® Division of:
Reidell Chemicals Limited
A typical received Letter: From:
Stenger, Pamela F (pstenger@kpmg.com)
(Her address now changed due to excess public web use.)
To: greid@reidell.com
Subject: Thank you

I believe I have tried every product on the market to remove urine stained areas from my white carpet, in my new house over the past 18 months. That’s no exaggeration; from every product PetSmart sells in it’s stores to every product in the Grocery Store to Oxyclean. I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds. We were just getting ready to replace the carpeting with wood floors, a not inexpensive undertaking, when I stumbled across your product. My husband laughs at me for continually trying to get these areas clean, but I can tell you he’s not laughing anymore. I can say I was honestly shocked down to my toes when I saw your product worked. It’s a rarity these days, even with a money back guarantee, that a product actually does what it says.

I still have not found your product on the shelves at PetSmart, nor on my grocer’s shelves. I can tell you, people who have this little problem would be no more embarrassed to buy Urine-Erase® from the grocery store than any other personal product. You need to get this out here – I’m telling everyone I know.

Again, and sincerely, thanks very much. Salute!
Pam Stenger
Our Urine FINDER Shows… What Naked Eyes Can’t See… Urine-Erase®
32+ Years PROVEN History
“Even When All Else Fails…”
Different... Read WHY... Urine-Erase® “STANDARD” 475 ml.